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Ministry Update – Dec 2014

18 Dec

Ministry Update – Dec 2014

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Additional Details

One good problem occurring with the Church is that it is completely out of room.  Every week the Church is filled. The people want more Church services as well, so evening services have started and many more people coming to Church and worshiping.  Dec 6, 2 people will be baptized and 2 weddings in Dec as well.

Monthly meetings are occurring to help the Church people have an opportunity to share ideas and suggestions for how the Church is operated and the people love having this channel to gather and talk about the Church and its finances as well.  The people are excited about the future Church plans and want to start the construction and labor even if they can’t do everything financially.  They want to come up with the money to cover the first 100 bags of concrete and to take the lead as the Church people to get construction going.  Envelops at church now have started to help raise funds locally for expanding the Church building.

Another idea to help expand, is considering building some expanded temporary low cost structures to make more room for Church people and services. They would also be used for some training classes, just to shelter from rain. People are sitting outside around the gazebo rails now as the Church is overflowing!  December has added worship services and a week long conference, and then a traditional Jan 1 independence day celebration as an all night worship service with pumpkin stew feast.

The garden is doing well and growing and we have doubled the size of it.  The young people now from the Church have a space in the garden to start learning agricultural skills and they are happy caring for their section and growing the garden, which has been encouraging and exciting to see.

Prayer Needs:

  • Health for Mandy as the Leons have had some ongoing sickness and health problems in the past couple months. Pray for strength and knowledge of doctors who are helping.
  • Maturity for the Church people and leadership to have wisdom and guidance needed.
  • Continued financial support for the ministry.