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How to Help

 Donate – one of the easiest and most helpful ways to support the mission is to make a donation.  Donations help run and develop the community and mission in Port Salut and the funds are used directly for projects and operations.  Please consider a automatic monthly donation to continuous be helping, every amount helps.

 Pray for Us – Sign up for our prayer request newsletters and join the many people who are praying for the needs of the mission, the leaders and the community around the growing church of Decision Church.

 Fund a Project – Help get involved by volunteering for project teams, fundraising for teams or a donation towards specific projects.

 Mission Trips – If the experience and connection with Haiti up close and person is what you need, consider joining a short term mission trip and getting involved with people on the ground in Port Salut directly.  Mission trips will certainly help you understand the unique Haitian culture, its people and challenges that the mission supports.

 Serve in Haiti – Perhaps a longer term service trip is on your heart and mind.  The needs and possibilities to serve in Heart for Home and the community of Port Salut are many.

 Gather supplies – Organizing items of need, shipments and special goods that just are not easily available in Haiti is another great way to be involved and helping to support the needs of heart for home and a great way that you can be helping haiti.

 Organize a fundraiser – Often people think of fundraisers as big, hard to organize events, but it doesn’t have to be.  That’s the great thing about Heart for Home, we encourage you to help with any kind of fundraiser, maybe its a family weekend bake off sale, or a friends invited bottle drive; any kind of fundraising efforts help.

 Support a Leader (Sponsor a Leader) – Talk to, pray for and with the leaders.  The leaders in Port Salut are helping haiti on the ground, but you can be helping them by showing support, both through prayer, through encourage and training and also by sponsoring them or training for them.

 College Sponsorship – Several people involved in Heart for Home have done college training specifically to continue helping haiti, and often those people need your help through sponsorship and funding