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What We Do (Our Work)


The best way to know what we do and the story of Heart For Home is in this short 5min video.


  • Developing Church Community (Services in Haiti) – Decision Christian Church is a growing and active church community with several weekly services and gatherings to bring people together for worshiping and learning about God.
  • Agricultural training – providing guidance and practical experience with agricultural training for gardening for food production and to earn a living
  • Youth outreach, mentoring, leadership – Heart for Home has always connected and felt connected to youth, and youth outreach and helping transitioning orphans to become confident capable and self sufficient young adults is a big part of our outreach and story of the Heart for Home mission.
  • Goat Farming – In addition to agriculture, small scale farming with goats is underway at Heart for Home
  • Education Sponsorship (College) – several connections in Heart For Home have been sponsored for education