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Building Projects

The washroom facilities on site in Port Salut have been successfully completed and were happily put to good use for the first time at this past week’s Church service.  It has only been possible by many people’s hard work, many people’s time and financial donations and by God’s bringing this
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Decision Church Continues to Grow!

Nov 15th Church Service at Decision Church We celebrated the opening of the bathrooms yesterday. The people were so proud and happy to have bathrooms to use. We had a packed house yesterday at Decision Church, so much that we had to borrow 30 extra chairs from the Night Club to seat people as overflow. […]
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Ministry Update – Oct 2015

Ministry Update This summer has a been a busy time for Heart for Home leaders as the Decision Church continues to operate and grow in Port-Salut,  with events and fundraising continuing here in Canada.  Ricot has visited to speak at a number of Churches and continues to plan more outreach.  The Heart for Home golf
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Build Projects Jul 2015

digging ground
Building Projects Its a great blessing to see the Church continuing to expand with not only its congregation, but also the many weekly events such as prayer sessions, music classes, kids club, worship services and other community events.  With this blessing comes added needs, the most pressing is to expand the
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Ministry Update – Jul 2015

ricot-extending the family
Wow, its been a long time since our last newsletter and we truly hope to get them out more frequently from now on.  A lot has happened in the last few months so I hope this newsletter can summarize a few of those and highlight current events for the ministry. Several months ago, Ricot’s family […]
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Ministry Update – Oct 2014

Please enjoy Ricot Leon Speaking at Oakpark in Calgary on July 6th, 2014 if you were not able to attend in person.  He shared many of his experiences and encouragement of God’s work in Haiti. View his sermon here: https://vimeo.com/100930129 New Pastor Heart For Home welcomes the new pastor in Port Salut,
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