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Hurricane Matthew Relief – Donations Needed

Hurricane Matthew Relief – Donations Needed


We appreciate all the concern, e-mails and phone calls this week as the category 4, Hurricane Matthew ravaged the southern part of Haiti. According to the assessment of the situation, the community of Port-Salut, where HFH is located, is the hardest hit. Any house with a tin roof is now roofless including half of Decision Christian Church and that is about 80% to 90% of the community. Many of our church members and some of our staff members have lost their homes but praise God, no lost of life in the community.


It is a catastrophic situation given that gardens and live stocks have been destroyed so immediate and longterm needs are real. We need your help with immediate relief effort.

Our field director Ralf Etienne has a prosthetic leg since he got injured during the 2010 earthquake and his prosthetic got damaged while he was trying to save himself from the flooding on Tuesday. He is very busy now trying to bring “food, water, and tents” to the people in need in the community despite the physical limitations. It is hard to imagine the details like wet mattresses and having no where to lay the kids to sleep. Wet foods, and contaminated water. Thank God we are not going through what our brothers and sisters in Haiti are going through so what an honour it is that we are being called to help the weak and needy at this time.

HFH properties also got a few blows. The heavy metal doors in our newly built bathrooms are blown away, half the church is gone and our temporary storage shed made out of a cube van box container is also blown away as well by hurricane Matthew.

gardens and produce

Our immediate needs can be met with a monetary donation. Our long-term needs will require financial commitment and boots on the ground with construction teams to help with re-construction in the community. We are organizing that as well. If you are interested in joining a work-team starting in November 2016, please e-mail me personally so we could plan accordingly.

Here is quick description of how to give:

  • Donation to Heart for Home directly through the H4H website¬†here
  • Payment can be also made by check payable to (Heart for Home with Hurricane relief on the memo line) please not that all gifts are tax-deductible in Canada.
    Mail your check to 11263 Oakfield Dr. SW, Calgary, Ab. T2W4M2

Thank you so much,
Ricot Leon

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