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Ministry Updates / Stories (by Ricot)

Ministry Updates / Stories (by Ricot)

A story that happened in October:
Several Sunday’s ago I made an alter call after speaking about the prodigal son, two young ladies came forward to accept Christ in their lives. The Church celebrated as they walked forward and it was a great excitement. One of the young ladies shared that she and her family up to this very moment used to worship voodoo and requested that we went to her house to burn the witchcraft symbols and doles. It was a great celebration but shortly after the burning ceremony, she collapsed, no speech, paralyzed on one side of her body. She has since regained speech and mobility in most of her body but has no feeling in her left leg. She has also been passing out a lot though the days.While we prayed, I also thought it was important that we sent her to the hospital. She has been checked for; heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, but so far, the doctor concludes that he sees nothing wrong but is treating her for acid. She is still passing out off and on and we are believing for a miracle. She attends Church faithfully despite her situation. Please believe with us for a miracle for Aubourg Jona.

Another prayer need:
Nadine is 22 years old, attends faithfully and has been coming to our Church for a while but has been fighting type 2 diabetes. With lack of finances, she has gone weeks without insulin. When we found that out, we started helping her with insulin. She is very thin and frail. Beside insulin, her diet is very poor for she eats what is available due to lack of resources. It is a daily struggle trying to help her level her sugar. Please pray for God’s intervention.

Two of our young men will be moving away from our community to attend university and new adventures. Donald is moving to Port au Prince and Jedna is moving to Florida to join his family. We will miss them dearly and had prayer with them both last night. We believe God will lead them to where He desires.

Also, Haiti is currently experiencing some tension from election results, please pray for peace for the coming days.

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