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Ministry Update – Jul 2015

Ministry Update – Jul 2015

ricot-extending the family

Wow, its been a long time since our last newsletter and we truly hope to get them out more frequently from now on.  A lot has happened in the last few months so I hope this newsletter can summarize a few of those and highlight current events for the ministry.

Several months ago, Ricot’s family had been battling a lot of illnesses in Haiti and this led to them returning to Canada, letting the ministry to be operated on the ground by the strong leadership now in place in Haiti, while Ricot can focus on shorter visits for projects and teams in Port-Salut while strengthening the ties to supporting Churches and other donors in North America since he will spent much more time in Canada and the US now to support the ministry.
As well, Ricot and Mandy have been blessed with their third child, Taliah Brenda Leon, 8.12 lb, 21″, born at 4:27am on May 8th.  Congratulations!!


Pastor Lotin has taken the lead in the agriculture program in Port-Salut and they have had a lot of success in growing a wide variety of vegatables and testing the production and fertility of the land and people learning about it.  Church members have been actively participating to help grow and sell some of the produce to fund the program and Church locally.  We expect this to continue to grow and support the community.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for guidance and wisdom for the leadership team in Haiti operating the mission on site.
  • Safe and successful construction of the facilities being finished on site at the Church
  • Maturity for the Church people and community strength and support
  • Continued financial support for the ministry.

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