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Returning to Haiti with Family

Returning to Haiti with Family

Ricot and family

Written by: Ricot Leon

Back in January, we thought we would have been out of Haiti for a couple of months to welcome our son Josiah into the world, but as it turned out, our plans drastically changed when we found out about Josiah’s health complication. But ten months later, our paediatrician finally told us that he was comfortable if Josiah traveled with us to Haiti if we could connect him with a paediatrician in our community. It was an answer to prayer since we were able to find a North American trained doctor who lives in our community. God has been working the fine details way before we even thought of them.
While away, one of the main concern I (Ricot) had was if the leaders of the newly planted church of Decision Christian Church was capable enough to keep the flock organized and focused during my absence. I was amazed and blessed to see how the team stayed unified and went above and beyond what I had expected. They have started a Wednesday prayer night, a Friday bible study, and kept up with music practice on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They told me however, that they are ready to have me back with them. One thing that was clear when I got back is that God does not NEED me or anyone to further his work (in Port-Salut) but will use the willingness of those who wants to be used for his Kingdom. Everyone has something to offer, everyone can make a difference, but not everyone is willing.
The young ladies in the church told me that they are being criticized by other churches in the area because Decision Christian Church chooses to use the word “Come as you are.” Because of how they dress for church is causing a flood of criticism. I encouraged them that Jesus’ view would also invite everyone to come as you are. I am overjoyed to see how our young adults are progressing in their music practice. They have been faithful learning and now they are helping with worship during church services.
Many friends in the community have stopped by our house to welcome us back to Port-Salut. They are pleased to see our kids and shared that they never ceased to intercede on our behalf. A family showed up with a cake and a live turkey to bless us. We truly feel appreciated! Besides the humid heat, lack of running water, and sporadic city power, it feels so good to be back to where we are suppose to be. We ask that you continue to pray for us as we work here for yet another year.
Ricot and familyRicot and Family

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